1. That is an absolutely fabulous and moving story in the June/July CTC magazine Cycle. Especially as we know the Canal du Midi well having cycled it several times by tandem. Some of the path after Toulouse is really not to be recommended by tandem (or even a solo) especially with a trailer. A magnificent achievement for all three of you – Hope it sets you all up for the rest of your lives.
    Best wishes, Tim and Mary.

    1. Ha ha, Yes it was a complete nightmare at times, especially because last summer was so wet. I don’t understand why they don’t improve the route all the way. It was lovely to do it with them. Our first tandem was a wedding present, the second I bought as a ‘kiddy back’ for Betsy. Nicky and I had such plans. I bought the triple as a act of rebellion against grief and I do believe that the bike is genuinely our salvation, a rather amazing thing has happened since I wrote the article. I will write a post about it.
      Thankyou for your comment, I love tandems but it’s funny the number of people who tell me that they just cause arguments. Nick and I only ever had one argument on the bike when we wre both really hungry on the middle of nowhere in southern india. I guess if there are cracks a tandem will open them, if not the bonds grow deeper with every shared turn of a the cranks.


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